Upwork Is Full of Your Dream Clients, but There’s Something You Should Know


Upwork is a great place for any freelancer to make money.

And there’s a specific reason for that.

In marketing, there is a concept called the 5 stages of customer awareness.

This was outlined by Eugene Schwartz in his classic book called “Breakthrough Advertising”.

The 5 stages are:

  1. Unaware
  2. Problem Aware
  3. Solution Aware
  4. Product Aware
  5. Most Aware

For the most part, Upwork is filled with people who are “Product Aware”.

They know they have a problem. They know there is a solution.

And in most cases, they know which tools or products they want to use.

For E.g. they’re looking for someone to help with specific tools, “Google Ads’, “Facebook Ads”, “Zapier”, and “ActiveCampaign”.

Now they’re just trying to find the best person to help them.

“Product aware” and “Most Aware” people are the easiest customers to sell to.

And this is the reason Upwork is so competitive.

Upwork has done all the marketing for us to attract these customers who are ready to have their problems solved.


This introduces a different problem.

Upwork has also attracted thousands of freelancers who can solve the problem for this customer.

The customer has so many people to choose from.

They’re in the power position.

If you’re a new Upwork freelancer, you may find yourself getting frustrated and asking…

“How am I going to win jobs by decreasing my price so much”.

That’s a dangerous game to play.

Because you don’t have to.

I’ve made tens of thousands of dollars on Upwork.

And it comes down to a couple of things to be aware of that I’ll explore in further articles.

Spoiler alert.

One of those things is being one of the first people to submit a proposal for the job.

And Leapfrog Leads helps you do exactly that.

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